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“Great service and value from the beginning to end” is what Davis customers are saying about the preferred melamine laminate closet shelving company Shelving Unlimited. Our courteous and careful installation teams ensure you receive the least interruption of your daily routine possible during your custom melamine laminate closet shelving project. Offering free estimates and assistance with difficult to design floor plans, the full-service melamine laminate closet shelving company that cares about our Davis customers is Shelving Unlimited!

Davis Melamine Laminate Closet Shelving Company

As a member of the upscale Lake Summerset community, Davis in Stephenson County, Illinois is a small village with less than 700 residents and is located just minutes from the big city amenities of Rockford, Beloit, and Monroe. Shelving Unlimited has been proud to serve the residents of Davis, and the surrounding communities with premier melamine laminate closet shelving in the most fashionable colors and styles. They will be installed with the professionalism our Davis customers are accustomed to receiving.

Davis Melamine Laminate Closet Shelving Design

Shelving Unlimited wants to show you how custom melamine laminate closet shelving is engineered to be long-lasting and retain their original functionality making them an excellent and affordable investment for years to come. Whether you want a more modern or traditional look, we’ve got you covered with our large selection of high quality, beautiful melamine laminate closet shelving designs at Shelving Unlimited. Offering virtually every style and option available, our shelving options are sure to please. Call Shelving Unlimited today to get started!


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