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Shelving Unlimited near Rockford will impress you with trendy melamine laminate closet shelving to renovate your home’s bath, pantry, storage space or any space needing organizational structure. We are the leading closet remodeler specializing in affordable custom melamine closet shelving and customized designs. Melamine closets designed by Shelving Unlimited will give your home a unique, well-built addition that adds lasting beauty and value.

Rockford Melamine Laminate Closet Shelving Company

Residents in Rockford choose the melamine closet shelving company Shelving Unlimited because we go above and beyond our customers’ expectations. The third-largest city in Illinois and the county seat of Winnebago County is Rockford on the Rock River. Over 150,000 residents of Rockford enjoy the booming logistics and transportation industry. Residents of Rockford know when they need competent and friendly service, Shelving Unlimited is who to choose!

Rockford Melamine Laminate Closet Shelving Design

Near Rockford, Shelving Unlimited is a master of melamine closet shelving and closet renovation with layouts that are functional and in high demand. Known for our high standards and accommodating almost any budget has made us the preferred melamine laminate closet shelving source near Rockford. If you want to work with top quality melamine closet shelving designers, call Shelving Unlimited today!


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